Competition & Training


Nobbys Juniors and Nippers can attend carnivals from u8 to U14.
Only u9 and above can undertake water activities at carnivals.
u8 can attend the wade and beach events.



To be eligible to attend carnivals nippers need to pass the following competition skills evaluation:

  • U9 – U10 – 200m pool timed swim within 6 minutes and 150m open water surf swim
  • U11 – U14 – 200m pool timed swim within 5 minutes and 288m open water surf swim


Up to date junior carnival information can be found on the Hunter Branch website. Click on the link hunter branch carnivals.

This information may change regularly.



Level 1 Officials Training

Parents whose children attend carnivals are encouraged to assist. Nobbys needs to provide 1 official for every 10 children attending carnivals, as well as proficient Bronze Medallion holders to assist with Water Safety at carnivals. For information about the level 1 training course click Would you like to become an Officia

A  fee of around $80 will be incurred.