2020-21 Patrol Information


View 2020-2021 Patrol Teams Roster

*NOTE – This is a live document & therefore subject to change – Current version uploaded Thursday September 24th 2020.

*Remember that you MUST be a financial member in order to patrol. If you are not financial please contact the registrar; James Styles on nobbysregistrar@gmail.com or 0458 782 221.

SLS Member Portal allows you to download your patrol roster into you mobile device calendar, check training records, request patrol swaps and more.

*Remember – It is your responsibility to organise patrol swaps or replacements. If unable to attend your patrol, YOU must contact your patrol captain and organise a swap or replacement.

First patrol of the 2020/21 season is Saturday September 26th.

If you have any comments or queries please contact Director of Lifesaving – Wade Hammond – on 0417 612 891 or email lifesaving@nobbysnsw.com.au