Surf Sports Training

Senior & Masters Training (over 18yo only)

Nobbys SLSC train Saturday mornings 7:30am each Saturday meeting at the boat shed. Any one interested please contact Natasha Ryan, 0407453853


Sprint & Beach Flags Training




Board Training 



Nobbys Surf Sports Training Safety Checklist

Nobbys SLSC will undertake a training safety checklist before each session in order to identify hazards and risks and put in place controls to mitigate those risks. Click SURF SPORTS TRAINING SAFETY CHECKLIST to download a copy of the form.

Nobbys Surf Lifesaving Club Board Training Safety Information Brief & Guidelines

Nobbys SLSC require all participants and their parents participating in board training to read and comply with the information brief and guidelines. Click NOBBYS SURF LIFESAVING CLUB BOARD TRAINING SAFETY INFORMATION BRIEF AND GUIDELINES to download the guidelines.

Water Quality Safety

Nobbys SLSC has also prepared a water quality risk assessment due to use of the harbour. This can be downloaded NOBBYS SURF LIFESAVING CLUB RISK ASSESSMENT

Injured During a Carnival or Nobbys SLSC Organised and Support Training

Click INJURY DURING COMPETITION OR CLUB ORGANISED AND SUPPORTED TRAINING for the information about what to do if you are injured during training or a carnival.