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Returning Nippers Registrations for the 2024/25 Season are now closed

New Nippers Registrations for the 2024/25 Season are now closed



Important 2024/25 Season Information

  1. Please read the Nobbys Nippers Handbook (link above).
  2. Please complete the following quick survey about Nippers this season
  3. All Nippers familes need to download TEAMAPP and search for Nobbys Nippers. Information for Nippers will only be posted on TeamApp. Do not rely on Facebook. 
  4. All kids must be swim proficient before the start of Nippers. If you have not achieved proficiency you will not be allowed in the water.
  5. Active Kids vouchers can be used for Nipper child memberships only. If the season does not happen we cannot refund these as per Government guildelines
  6. The length and requirements of Nippers season may vary due to Covid regulations, weather and major events around Nobbys. We will communicate information as it is available.
  7. Registrations will be on a first come basis, we may have to pause registrations dependent on numbers. Click here for the membership page to join
  8. Until you are financial for the correct amount you are not a member for the nippers season.


Go to the Members page for detailed information on how to join, videos and instructions. If you still have problems after reading all the information contact


Nobbys SLSC Nippers caters for children from U6 to U13 with small groups of children.

Nippers currently starts at 8:45am Sundays and goes to 11:00am with children learning a range of surf awareness and surf skills. This may vary this season.


TBC - Returning Nippers Registrations Open

TBC - New Nippers Registrations Open

TBC - Nippers Swim Proficiency, 9-11am Lambton Pool, you will need to pay for entry 

TBC - Nippers Swim Proficiency, 9-11am Lambton Pool, you will need to pay for entry 

TBC - First Nippers

TBC - Nippers Christmas Party

TBC - Starting after Christmas Break

TBC - Last Nippers

Nipper age groups for the 2023/24 season are determined as follows:


Age Group

Birthday Between these Dates

Under 6

1st October 2017 –
30th September 2018

Under 7

1st October 2016 –
30th September 2017

Under 8

1st October 2015 –
30th September 2016

Under 9

1st October 2014-
30th September 2015

Under 10

1st October 2013 –
30th September 2014

Under 11

1st October 2012 –
30th September 2013

Under 12

1st October 2011-
30th September 2012

Under 13

1st October 2010 –
30th September 2011

Under 14 (SRC)

1st October 2009 –
30th September 2010



  • If born on or after the 1st October 2018, Nipper will need to join the following season
  • Nippers cannot change their allocated age groups to be with friends
  • Nippers all need to have a minimum swim proficiency level to fully participate in Nippers each Sunday.
  • Proficiency for 2023/24 season will be held on the following dates:

                 Saturday 9th September - 9-11am Lambton Pool, you will need to pay for entry 

                 Saturday 16th September - 9-11am Lambton Pool, you will need to pay for entry

  • For full details of proficiency requirements please see the following link here.
  • If you cannot make a proficiency day you can complete proficiency at a local swim school, please download a form here.


Nippers can compete in carnivals against other local clubs several times a year. Children doing carnivals have extra proficiency requirements which include a longer pool swim and a ocean swim at the beach. They also have the opportunity to work on their skills at carnival training before Nippers on Sundays.



  • Under 8s do not have a carnival swim proficiency requirement as their water events are limited to a wade


Detals of the 2023/2024 Nippers Carnival calendar can be found on the Hunter Branch website here.

Like all sporting clubs we rely on volunteers to help everything run smoothly.

Opportunties to help include:

  • Age Managers - We need one female and one male age manager for each year group. We encourage as many people to be involved to allow rotation of supervisors. 
  • BBQ Duty
  • Beach Setup
  • Admin and Social Media
  • Covid Helpers

We ask that our Nippers volunteers join Nobbys as members, have a valid WWC check and complete some easy training offered by the club.

Contact Information

Junior Activities Co-ordinator (JAC) is Luke Moore 0422 058 559   or

Director of Surf Sports is Shane Barclay 0423 172 384 or