Nobbys Nippers Program


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Nobbys SLSC Nippers caters for children from U6 to U13 with small groups of up to 30 children.

Nippers starts at 9:00am Sundays and goes to 11:00am with children learning a range of surf awareness and surf skills. These activities cater for each age group with all ages doing beach sprints, beach flags and surf awareness and education. The young nippers learn about waves and practice skills in the nearshore areas such as wades and learning to go under waves safely. As the children get older they advance to board skills, and nipper board paddling and ocean swimming. Surf Education for the older nippers also includes resuscitation skills to mould the young nipper into an U14 who may hopefully move into junior development and attain their surf rescue certificate (SRC) which will allow them to assist lifesavers patrolling the beach.

We have participation requirements for all children to ensure their safety at the beach and if you are interested in joining our nippers you should take the kids to the pool to practice swimming before the season starts.

Children doing carnivals have extra proficiency requirements which include a timed swim and a run-swim-run.

All nippers have general proficiency requirements so that age managers and Nobbys SLSC can be sure the kids will be safe at the beach. New members MUST be registered and covered by Nobbys insurance before they do their proficiencies.

2021/22 Important Nippers Dates

Nobbys SLSC Nipper Season

  • Registration Dates - TBA
  • Volunteer Briefing – TBA
  • Parent Briefing - TBA
  • Proficiency - under 8’s and above – TBA
  • First Nippers - TBA - usually in October
  • Nippers Xmas Fun
  • Nippers Club Championships Practice – TBA
  • Nippers Club Championships – TBA
  • Last Nippers – TBA
  • Nippers Presentation – TBA


Nippers 2021/22 Carnivals

Nippers can compete in carnivals against other local clubs several times a year. Each Nipper must be carnival proficient to compete

Dates of carnivals will be updated when finalised.


Thinking of enrolling your kids in Nippers but not sure what to expect? Check out this great video to see what Nobbys Nippers is all about.

Minimum proficiency requirements per age group

  • U6/7 – no swimming requirements
  • U8 – 25m freestyle and 1 minute float
  • U9 – 100m freestyle and 1 minute float
  • U10 – 150m freestyle and 1.5 minute float
  • U11 – 150m freestyle and 2 minute float
  • U12 – 200m freestyle and 2 minute float
  • U13 – 200m freestyle and 3 minute float

Swim proficiencies are scheduled before Nippers commences.



Nippers Age Managers and Help

We need one female and one male age group supervisor for each age group but encourage as many people to be involved to allow rotation of supervisors. The only requirements is that the supervisors do the Age Manager Course.

Like all sporting clubs we rely on volunteers to help it run smoothly. Even if you don¿t do the course please help on the day, it makes the kids day more enjoyable and you get to meet more people and have fun in a family activity.

A parent must also join Nobbys as a member if you are registering nippers. A nippers cap must also be purchased and worn at nippers.

Nippers parents are also asked to do a BBQ duty and board clean up on a roster which is rotated between age groups.

Come and join Nobbys Nippers and be part of the Nobbys SLSC family.




Contact Information

2020-21 Nobbys SLSC Junior Activities Co-ordinator (JAC) is Peter Hayes 0410 221 980 or

2020-21 Junior Carnival Co-ordinator is Brad Thomas 0409 514 936.